Why do our lights keep getting messed up?

“The lights won’t turn off”. or “The light won’t turn on”. “Again?”

After months & months of no issues, our console keeps getting into a bad state. Every time I go and look at it, the display has these controls:

, and the virtual MV looks like this:

I don’t even know how to get to this state on purpose! (I didn’t see this Jump/Reassert/Inhibit thing in the manual, but I could have missed it).

Since the MV is in this state, pushing the buttons to run the cues doesn’t work, and I get a call or text.

After restarting, we are back to the controls I expect:

and the MV has our show back on it:


It’s not like there’s a bunch of people messing around with it, because Covid.

I’m trying to lock the show from editing, lock it from saving, lock the MV, and hopefully that will help, but I still would like to know how we get into this state so often now.

Looks to me one of the buttons are stuck or some of the keyboard keys.

If you press the yellow, green, blue, red buttons on the console or the alt control (with or without) shift combo (or mac command/option keys) you get more options on your console like on the picture

Is there any software/hardware on your machine what can control keys? Things like a streamdeck for example?

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I agree,

those controls will appear like that under one of your modifier keys (Red,Yellow,Green,Blue)

Or Ctri,Alt,Shift etc …

your MV is fine something is being held down

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Thanks, I will have to go there and check, so I’ll get back to you.

None of the keys were obviously stuck, but it’s a mac keyboard, so probably someone set something on it by accident.