Lights with Vista M1 Console & Vista 3 Flash Off

Hi everyone,

Been having a problem recently with the lights seemingly going dark almost like a blackout button has been hit and then a few seconds later come back on. Happens randomly every few minutes or so.

We are using the Vista M1 Console with Vista 3. Everything works perfectly fine and scenes are all working and everything. We just have this one random glitch that keeps happening. Cant seem to be able to find an answer anywhere.


What operating system are you using?

Sounds like your dongle is not plugged in, drivers not working or it is broken.

We are using Mac Mojave 10.14.6

Dongle is plugged in and everything is working normal, just occasional black outs and jump back on. Never says “disconnected” or anything.

The only thing that would happen if it is the dongle is it would say “blackout” in the main title bar.

Pess “help > about Vista”. How many available channels does it say you have ? 0?