Vista 3, lights go dark randomly

We are running vista 3 latest release on an up to date Mac Pro with an M1. Two or three times in the last couple of months, we’ve had our lights all go out, as if someone hit clear and release, unparked relays, etc… Then it all comes back, movers go home, everything is fine. What gives?

I’ve read that maybe it’s not seeing the license dongle, however, one thing I noticed is that when I reboot the computer, the M1, is NOT lit up anymore and I have to switch USB ports, and then it finally lights up again.

Anyone have any ideas? It’s rather frustrating to just think maybe it’s nothing, maybe it will happen when our auditorium is full of small children going up and down stairs… ETC.

One more question- I am pretty sure I saw a setting that said the M1 would stay running and hold the last cue if the software is powered down, I cannot for the life of me find that setting. Anyone know what I’m talking about, or maybe that was only in v2?

Thank you for your time.

Looks like a license dongle issue indeed (maybe an old/bad driver?) But vista should give a popup message if the license dongle is disconnected (or if you launch vista without a dongle).

In the taskbar under file/networking you can see quickly if there is a license connected and for how many channels. Are you over the channel limit by any chance when this happends?

The hold dmx is not/was never a setting you can turn on/off as far as i know, but i don’t think it solves your problem because probably vista is giving the black out or it is a usb problem (and it is turning of the power of the M1 so it can"t hold anything if it has no power).

I would try a new usb cable

  1. Not over on channels. Also this error happens after running fine for hours. Nothing new or changed from day to day.

  2. No license warning pops up when booting or during the error.

  3. I know for a fact that in the past on our old jands 2 software if we exited the software the m1 would stay running until the power to the computer was off. I guess that could just have been a windows vs Mac thing. Maybe I saw a setting and interpreted it wrong because I can’t find one now.

The M1 holding was a bug and is no longer a thing. This cuase more issues with houselighting systems thay required a loss of DMX to take over.

My guess is that the machine is going to sleep or is putting the M1 to sleep. Best option is to fill out a support and include the log files.