Vista MV talks to software, but lights don't fire

Hi, new here, and having an issue with my MV.

We have an M1 in our main auditorium at my church, and an MV was meant to replace it, but has been living in another auditorium because we can’t get it to connect to our Mac Mini.

It works fine in the small room, but in the main, it’ll talk with the Vista software, the virtual faders and buttons will move, when the physical ones move, and the virtual light icons will fire when they’re supposed to be on. But nothing physical lights up. I’ve tried both dongles involved, and plugged in both the usb cable before and after loading Vista 3. I can’t find a resource for downloading drivers. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

It doesn’t sound like exactly the same issue but all my problems were solved by plugging the MV into a powered USB hub rather than directly to the Mac. The MV simply wasn’t receiving the necessary power from the Mac.

are you certain your universe(s) are properly assigned to the MV in the patch window / Connect Universes screen?

avanveld’s suggest seems like a likely culprit – I would expect Vista to not recognize the new ports as equivalent to the ports from the M1 (because they ARE different ports), and thus your universes would not be connected to the new control surface’s ports.

That was it! I just needed to reassign DMX ports on the back. Thank you!!