Some issues after upgrading

Hi, I’m still trying to figure all this out, as our lights started misbehaving after updating to the latest R3 & Big Sur, and nobody knows how it works, so “Tag, you’re it!” :slight_smile:

In particular:

  1. Several of our lights no longer respond to the slider on the MV that has the cues associated with it. Instead, only the master fader will control them.
  2. The virtual MV has 2 pages, and it comes up on Page 2/2, which is empty. This makes the physical MV not do anything.
  3. On the virtual MV, the second cue list has a red exclamation point. I have not found a description of what this means.
  4. On the mac, the GM is flashing red. This seems to mean that it has been unable to autosave, but it is not clear why. I checked file permissions, and Vista has system-level permissions to save files.
    flashing red GM
  5. We also appeared to have issues with the MV not lighting up at all, but I think that was either that the MV was on Page 2, or that we needed a powered hub. I will have to go back and check on that, but it’s working now.

I apologize if any of these are covered in the manual: I’ve only made it through the first 150 pages since this happened a couple of days ago.

I think that I figured out everything except the red exclamation point.

The Red exclamation point it showing that, that cue list is set to a Higher priority. That particular exclamation point means that it is set to “High”.

I have always used Power USB hubs for the M1’s or MV’s. It seems to solve a lot of weird USB issues.

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Oh wow, thanks! That explains the behavior that I was seeing: when the right side is running, the left doesn’t affect the house lights, but when the right isn’t running, it does.

GM is the Grandmaster. That means the master fader is down. It will not have anything to do with the Autosave, that is the disk icon next to GM.

Vista will automatically create an additional empty page after the last used page. So if you have items on page 1 then there will be a blank page 2 at the ready. As soon as you add something to page 2, page 3 will be created.

It is also good to check to make sure the circle in the Vista logo on the virtual console is red. This indicate that the console is connected and communicating. If it is gray you may be looking at a manually added console so check along the bottom of the screen to additional MV tabs.

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Thanks! Do you know why GM 0% was blinking red?

Yes, it blinks anytime the master is below 100%

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