Vista S1 drops out / looses connection, require full system reboot


I have a S1 wing that looses connections after approx 10 mins of being connected to the computer. At that stage I power cycle the wing and the left hand LCD flashes for a moment and then I get a single horizontal line flashing on the screen.
If I power off and let it sit ideal for a few minutes if sometimes re connects to the software and sometimes does not. Varying results.

The most consistent way to get it to reconnect is the do a reboot to computer and wing.

This failure is consistent across multiple computers and cables etc.

Sounds odd. Maybe check/update the firmware on the S1 or try reinstalling vista on your computer. Either way though, this sounds like an issue better suited for a support request. Submitting this form will put you in touch with someone on the Vista team who can talk through your issue in more detail and help you figure out exactly what’s going on, better than we can here in the forum.

Hope that helps!

Unfortunately the console is probably dying. It could be a bad PSU however those parts aren’t available any longer from us. You may be able to find one on your own but a better long term option would be to look into replacing it with an EX.

@paddy, where in the world are you based?

What’s the serial number of your S1?

hey jack,

Based n Sydney Australia,

Jands S/No. M13127

As Ben say’s it could be a failing PSU, alternatively, in the oldest S1s ( which yours is one of ), we have seen issues with corrosion of header pins over time, which can result in dropped connections.

How technically confident are you?

Best to open the unit and look at your PSU and the loom supplying the main board.

You should check the 5V0 rail at the top of the PSU header, and at the rear of the right angle header that attaches this loom to the main board.

And then turn the unit off and unplug the loom from the PSU and test the PSU unloaded.

The issues we have seen in the past is oxidized pins on the PSU, loom and header into the main board.

This usually shows as an above normal volts drop across this area. Normally this volts drop should be pretty low.

Replacement of these headers on the main board and PSU as well as making a new loom is the best way to cure this.

It is also worth checking the ribbon between the rear PCB and the CPU board. The CPU is on a USB connection to the hub on the rear PCB. If the ribbon connection is poor then the CPU may become disconnected.

The results of the above tests may also tell us if you have a failing PSU.
(We have one PSU left in the UK by the way, which we could supply if it came to it).

HI jack, thanks for the response. Sorry it’s taken me a it of time to get to this.

psu unloaded - 5.08
psu loaded - 5.04
loaded at the end of the loom - 5.02

No problem.

Could you also please read the voltage at the back of the right angled header on the front PCB?

The main corrosion issues happen in between the PSU output header and the Front board solder joint.

So that is 8 surfaces on a friction fit (when you consider the cable crimps and the header pins)

You also should monitor the USB A connectors on the rear of the console. Looking for low or unstable 5v here, when the console has been on for some time.

The supply rail for these is the main PSU and when the console is warm and the backlights are firing the draw on this rail is high. Thus making volt drops worse.

Let me know the results :slight_smile: