S3 console disconnecting from usb

We are having our S3 console constantly disconnecting from the software. Every 30 min or so (when not being used) we get an alert that says something along the lines of your console has been disconnected from usb device. Trying to reconnect.
Only way to fix in the moment is power down V3 software and console and reboot. Any ideas?

Make sure you are using the latest Vista 3 R2 build. If it is still happening then please send an email to vistasupport@chroma-q.com with the system details (OS type and version, Vista version) and the log files so we can investigate further.

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I’ve had the exact same issue with our S3 console (running V3 latest R2). It’s fairly random, but Vista will tell me that a USB device has disconnected, and then I’ll have to force-quit the app and restart it to regain control.

I’ve switched ports, switched cables, and even sent an email to vistasupport@chroma-q.com with all the details of my hardware and software plus log files, but never got a reply (been about a week).

So I need to resend that email?

Hey man,

So we have pretty much figured it out. This problem has happened to a few others and the anecdote has apparently been to use a PC. One running a newer windows software and it works fine.

We recently just went and purchased a new pc to do this and we haven’t had any issues with it. Something to do with apples os software build not liking the usb device.

try that and you should be ok.

Thanks dude. I don’t think that’s a viable option for everyone, and I certainly don’t want to abandon the $1,000 Mac Mini I just bought just because something is not working at the moment. Hoping to hear from @ben.coleman on some solutions.

Agreed man. I hate that it came to that for us to fix it. It took a couple weeks to debug it.

Had the same problem with my S3 a couple of weeks ago. Switching ports and cables improved the condition a bit. Try sending an email to vistasupport with log files + enclose the details of your hardware and software, might help you.

Hey Emily we actually fixed it. After trying all of that turns out that macs Os builds aren’t working well with chroma-q new builds. Something in the USB Firmware wasn’t kosher.

We switched to a pc and have had a problem since. That was 3 weeks ago. I spoke with Ben at chroma-q and send log files but never heard anything after. Apparently this has happened to more people than we thought.

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Emily, I’ve done all the stuff you suggested, but what’s concerning me is that nobody at Chroma-Q has responded at all. Not even on this thread. So @ben.coleman is the solution really going to be to switch to a PC? Do I need to re-send the email to support that was never answered? Really need to hear something, please. Been a while.

Sorry guys I meant "we HAVE NOT had a problem since we switched to a pc.

I have been on the road for the last few weeks so I haven’t had much time. Unfortunately the S3 issue is rather complicated and is going to take a bit of time to sort out. Currently we do not have a timeline for the fix. Right now the best workaround is to use Windows or go back to 2.3. Aside from the current issue, I have been strongly recommending Windows with Vista due to being able to run in Console Mode. This allows the machine to boot straight into Vista and keeps other bad things from running such as auto updates. It has made a far more stable system then even a properly configured Mac.

Thanks for the response. So basically it sounds like no support for Apple. That’s a real bummer.

Just FYI, that problem persists in 2.3 as well. The only difference I saw was the newer hardware (anything newer than 2012). Anything older didn’t seem to have any issues.

Hey Everyone, I’ve got the same issue with my S3. Wanted to upgrade to R2, updated my MacOS from El Capitan to Mojave, USB disconnects while I am programming and freezes the software.

Have sent a Support Ticket. Anybody else get a response yet?

Ridiculously sad that it can run on a $250 Lenovo A12 laptop I just ordered off of amazon, but not a fully loaded 2015 i7 iMac.

edit, going back to previous builds of Vista did not work for me either, nor can I use any of the show files made on the newer version.

FWIW, We tested in house w/ an S3, MacBookPro (13"), latest Mojave, latest Vista and it stayed connected indefinitely so I’d think it’s not a broad Apple problem - could be just the perfect storm of which computer, which USB, etc…