Update S1 and S3 Controllers

Hi All,

Is there a firmware update for the S1 and S3 controllers, I have not done anything to them since changing over to V3 from V2 but when I switch them ON they still say Waiting for Vista V2 Software. They work perfectly fine but I wasn’t sure if an update had been released to change this?

Hello Nathan,

The firmware remains the same.

S1 is resetting fixtures every 5 minutes or so. Dell laptop, Windows 10 like its in a demo mode

Then it probably is.

How many DMX channels do you have available in help > about Vista?

Check the dongle connection inside your S1.

Hello I just downloaded Vista 3 on a new Windows 10 PC and the S1 is unable to link with the V3 software. It says it needs to update the firmware but when I force the S1 into updating it’s firmware it won’t actually do it. Any ideas?

Close Vista
Power off the S1
Power it back on holding the red and yellow modifiers.
The console will say “ready to download firmware”
Start Vista
Create a new show.
The console should change back to normal operation.

Does this help?