Random Drop outs

Running Vista R3 build 21712 on an I3 ad L5 console. Both consoles are outputting SACN in 2 separate venues. Pretty much every time they are used, the outputs will cut out for about 1-2 seconds. House lights dip to black, and moving lights or LED’s stops what they’re doing, then snap back into place. I have not updated either console yet. Is this something that has been addressed in the latest release or is it a dongle issue? Thanks for any input.

How regularly does this happen? Is it at an interval?

The blackout for the “trial version” when you do not have a license key installed is anywhere from 5 - 15 seconds, repeating approximately every 5 minutes, give or take 30 seconds.

If this is how your system is behaving, I would strongly suggest taking a look at your license dongles. Try different USB ports, different computers, fresh installs, etc. to troubleshoot the issue. It’s also possible its an issue with the software that verifies the license keys. In that case, submit a support request to really figure out the issue and work directly with the support team on that.

If your system is behaving in some other way regarding the blackouts, then my next guess would be that it’s an issue with the sACN connection or network issues. Does this only happen when the consoles are initialized? Does it happen regularly at an interval? Are the consoles on a public network with other traffic or communicating over wifi?

From what I remember R3 build 21712 is a quite stable build so you should be fine in that regard. However upgrading might fix the issue as a random small bug fix from one of the newer versions might turn out to fix your particular issue.

Hope all that helps!

Are you stacking dongles? We were having similar symptoms but getting a pop-up that said channel count exceeded. As soon as we clicked ok, the second dongle was recognized and everything was fine.

Updated the Sentinel driver with no change. Finally moved the dongles to ports on the Mac instead of a hub. That seems to addressed the problem.

No each console only has 1 dongle inside. I just updated both to the latest version, hoping that will resolve the issue.

We only use the consoles 2 times a weeks, and it ususally happens one of those times. Both consoles. It will do it once and that’s it, until you shut down and start the console again for the next service in the week. Both consoles have the dongles installed inside of them. Both consoles are on a separate VLAN off of our main network, so they technically are on a public network, but the lighting traffic is separated from everything else. I did the software upgrade last week so I’m gonna watch and see if it still happens.

Does the console say [black-out] at the top of the main screen when this happends?

Because it will say that if it is in “trail mode”

Did you check that you didn’t surpas your dongle with patching fixtures?
Especially with network connections its easy to patch a lot of things in different universes but you won’t notice very fast that you hit your dongles max.

I’m not sure but i think you get that warning notification only once for a show.