Vista 3 R4

Is there any news or updates on R4? @jack.moorhouse casually referenced it a few days ago on a forum post. A timeline for release and/or a feature list would be awesome.


It’s pretty much good to go. We expect one of the final versions to be compiled today. We will then run it through some formal tests and if the results of that are as expected we will release as public beta #1. We will post news of that on this forum along with any download links. Hopefully within the next week.

As for the feature list, it’s too long to mention in a forum post. We have changed over 230 things in this version, and since we are bumping up version number, most of them are new features and improvements. With the sum of all of the parts, the user experience is much improved.

Some stand out features would be:
Support for the NDI protocol. This includes being able to apply it directly to a matrix. See video.
and also to be able to stream in any NDI source as a dockable window. This could be from a media server, visualizer, or even live studio or stage camera. See video 2.

Ableton link support - You can now link FX masters or chases to any other device on the network that supports Ableton Link. This could be a DJ deck, band click track… or of course Ableton.
See video of FX auto in sync with a DJ deck.

The ability to scale cue output to live time - great for live show playback

Numerous GUI improvements and larger elements for touch screen support.


… stay tuned for full details within the release notes.



Fantastic news, thanks for the update.