MV holds DMX output when Vista is not running

We just upgraded from an M1 to an MV. When we quit Vista, the old M1 would send no signal through the DMX out ports, which allowed our wall panel to take over. With the new MV, when we quit Vista the DMX output is held (frozen) to whatever it is right before the Vista application is closed.

Is there any way to change this functionality so that it sends no DMX signal when Vista is not running, like the M1 did?

(Our current workaround is either unplugging the cable from the DMX out port or powering down the computer, but we would like to keep our computer running for other reasons and would prefer to not have to unplug cables.)

The MV requires a firmware update for that process to happen automatically.

This new firmware will be rolled out as part of the next software release (which is not too far in the distant future). In the meantime the best thing to do is to unplug the USB when not using Vista.

Okay, got it. We will update to the new firmware when it is released. Thank you!