Dongles not communicating

hey everybody, havent seen this issue on here.

I’m running R3 build 21910, with a 512 dongle v4.34, and a 128 dongle v6.08. and randomly, an error message window will pop up and say ive exceed the channel count.

any thoughts?

See the Channel Dongle Troublehshooting documents to make sure you are on the latest driver.

is there an osx download? all i see are Windows and Linux

2nd item in list: “MacOS DMX channel dongle troubleshooting – How to check current driver installation and install the dongle driver manually.

Try that.


Hey jboschen did this resolve the issue? I experiencing the same “exceeded channel count” message.

Do you have two dongles and are they both the stackable version? If so update the drivers in the above link.

If not then you won’t be able to revolve it if you are over your channel count.

Hey Ben,
The updated driver has resolved the issue. I haven’t seen any error messages yet. I will reach out if we have any issues but so far we’re good.