Running Platforms

Continuing the discussion from Vista 3 R4:

Is Vista 3 R4 supported in vmware.
It seem to function ok.
I am running a guest of Win 10 pro in vmware 16 workstation 16 pro.
Thanks for any feed back.

We do not test Vista in VMs. You are welcome to try but it isn’t anything we are able to officially support.

Thanks for getting back to me.
I am just learning how to use the software.
The app seems to be working just fine in both standard and console mode.
I am going page by page of the user’s manual.
I have both written and use a number of software applications over the years.
Your manual is very well written. Your software does just what the manual says it should do. To me it is like a good book.
The “This, does that” way you manual is laid out makes it very easy to understand.
Paul Lundell

To add to this, Vista is designed to run on either MacOS or Windows. It’s fully supported on either platform, so I don’t see any real reason to bother with running Vista inside a virtual machine. Just download the version appropriate for your computer and use that.

Congrats on learning Vista. It’s always good for the brain to learn something new, and Vista is a fun app to use once you understand it. The user manual is a great resource for sure.