M1 not staying connected to Mac mini

We have a Mac mini (running High Sierra) and an M1 controller. We have been running V2.3 fine for a while now. I saved my show file and clean installed V3 build 525 on the Mac and imported the V2 show file and the M1 connected fine. However, if I shut down Vista or restart the computer, the connection to the M1 is lost and I can’t get it back. I have tried a different USB cable, reinstalling the sentinel driver, etc. I don’t know what else to do. We have had to re-install V2.3 back onto the computer and go back to that to be able to use Vista at all - but we really want to be able to use V3. We have the exact same setup in our sanctuary and had NO issues when we upgraded to V3 in there. Not sure how to fix this. Any ideas?

We’re having this same issue in one of our rooms. Running Mojave on a Mac mini with an M1 and V3R2
We’ve had some luck just unplugging and replugging repeatedly, and sometimes moving to a different port on the computer.
I forgot about the “rescan for USB devices” menu option and will try that next time and see if that does anything but I’d prefer not to have to smash that 6 times before I get my show open. Doesn’t inspire confidence for a speedy recovery in the event of a crash.
It’s worth noting that we have two separate user accounts and show files, don’t know if that plays into it in any way.

Has it worked in V3 at all? I had to use the New Show trick for two of my machines.

I’m still using v2.3 on an imac running el capitan with an M1 - I had problems with the newer OS as they cause the USB bus to go into a low power state when the screen goes off. Once the M1 is disconnected I found you had to remove the DMX cable, re plug the usb cable, rescan usb devices and then reinstall the dmx cable.

Not sure if I want to go V3 as I will have to upgrade the OS and can’t have the M1 going offline as volunteers have problems troubleshooting…

We have Mac Pro running High Sierra, we had previously been using a Dell touchscreen running version 2.3. We moved to the Mac and loaded version 3, did the USB update and immediately had connection issues with our M1 board and sections of lights began to flicker in a show. Tried different cables, tried different USB ports, brought the Dell back, no issues. Put version 3 on the Dell, immediate connection issues and flickering. Uninstalled version 3 on both, installed version 2.3 and both are rock solid stable. VERY disappointed with Vista/ChromaQ. Reading the threads it sounds like their answer is use a PC and all is well, but that is not the case. Sounds like they have an issue with the software and won’t own up. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED, if it does not resolve, we will be looking at a different lighting board/software.

I would ask you to send in a support ticket because this forum is not monitored on a daily basis. I just happened to catch your post today. We have asked anyone with this issue to send in a support ticket and as of right now there have not been any outstanding support requests (that I know of) regarding the M1 in Vista R2.

It is true that there were some issues in the R1 build with did have us suggesting using a Windows machine. As far as I know those issues were fixed in R2. The one item that I still suggest for anyone using an old show is to create a new blank Vista 3 show and use the Merge function to bring in the data from the old show. This clears out the old M1 connections and starts fresh. We also have recommended plugging the M1 console directly into the host machine or a stand alone powered USB hub because we have seen issue when passing through another device such as a touch screen.

We do also recommend unplugging the M1 on Mac machines after use and then plugging them back in once Vista is running again. This is a current limitation in MacOS and Vista 3 how it polls the USB. While an inconvenience, it does not currently render the M1 unusable because it does come online right away when connected. We have been working on a way to streamline this The R3 build should help however that build is still in testing and has some other challenges on the Mac side that have been quite intensive.

Again, for anyone still experiencing issues with the M1 beyond what was stated I would ask you to send us a support ticket at vistasupport@chorma-q.com. This is the fastest way to get support and allows us to directly bring the rest of our team into the conversation when needed.