Random blackouts

We are using vista 2.3 with a vista m1 surface. Occasionally (like once or twice a year) during a show it will blackout. No one is touching anything. I have found replacing the usb cable to the M1, it will give me back control after I restart the software, but there is no way to predict when it will happen. Can you give me any indication why this might be happening and how to avoid it in the future? We are using a Mac on 10.13.3 (high sierra) processor 2.6 ghz Core i7, 8gb 1600 mhz ddr3, graphics intel Hd graphics 4000 1536 mb. Our dongle is a 128 channel.

Vista 2.3 has been discontinued for quite some time so troubleshooting options are limited. I would start with changing the USB cable and/or port on the host computer.

Beyond that you will need to update to Vista 3 in order for us to dig into it further.

I have changed the cable. When this has happened in the past it that seems to have helped with the issue, for a time.

Thanks. Will I need to upgrade my Mac OS as well?

As a user who learned first learned Vista on V2 but have been using V3 for years now, I would highly recommend upgrading to V3. It’s been out long enough that the awesome Vista team has worked out nearly all of the bugs, and the feature improvements are amazing! Considering the fact that it’s a free upgrade there’s basically no reason not to lol. In many ways, the interface is easier to navigate (especially on Mac), yet it’s so similar to V2 in design that the learning curve is basically nonexistent.

All that to say, I would suggest upgrading to V3 and that may solve your issue. Although you don’t have to upgrade MacOS in order to upgrade Vista, it might be a good idea to upgrade both at the same time. You may have to upgrade MacOS as V3 requires at least MacOS Sierra, according to Ben Coleman’s post below. I would suggest upgrading to MacOS Catalina and then downloading the latest stable version of Vista 3.R3.1.

Hope that helps!

A MacOS upgrade may be required. Vista 3 requires at least Sierra


Thanks! One other question. When I upgrade, I’m not going to have re-add all my lights am I? Or will it pick up what I already have in 2.3

Showfiles are compatible from Vista 2 to 3.