Vista 3 Ex and led master arkaos


Currently running Vista 3 with an EX console on a Mac desktop. Also running led master on a seperate Mac laptop over Kling net. I want to be able to trigger the media decks in led master on the laptop through Vista and the board so I can have one common playback and I’m struggling on how to find a way to do it. Any advice or help is appreciated.


Hi Marcos,
This could be quite a long answer, but I will try and condense it:

  1. Network the two laptops together. (Arkaos needs a 2.x.x.x.x range I think)
  2. I would recommend “fixture” mode for Media master
  3. Configure your layer and network DMX settings in Arkaos user preferences.
  4. Patch the layers / profiles in Vista to match these settings. Check out this webinar video at around 8 minutes.
  5. Import the media server thumbnails > assign them to the Vista fixture profile in use.