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I’m very new and don’t know a lot but have a question! We recently just got Vista installed at our church, our program is upstairs and we want to be able to screen share with another mac so we are able to edit things while we are downstairs. However, in order to screen share, you must have wifi. Our system is through ethernet cables so when we connect to wifi, the lights are unresponsive and unable to control them. Is there any way around this?

Thank You!

I believe that your issue has been addressed before. Vista outputs ArtNet lighting data over the top most network interface in the list in System Preferences, so if that top network interface is WiFi, the ArtNet data will be sent over WiFi and your lights will not be controllable. The simple fix is to go to Network in System Preferences and reorder the list of network interfaces so that Ethernet is at the top. This way, even when WiFi is on, the lighting data will still be sent over Ethernet.

See this post by Ben Coleman for more info:

Hope that helps!

Another option that you can use is remote desktop which can happen through WiFi or just plugging in your cat 5 to ethernet. From what I am reading, Apple has a version of Apple Remote Desktop where you can share your desktop with another Apple computer. Just Google it.

What we do at our church is set up a network on a separate VLAN just for the tech team. Only certain ports are assigned to that VLAN. The same VLAN is also broadcast on the WiFi (maybe name the SSID Tech or something). Now you can remote desktop into the Mac over the closed secure VLAN. Both screens will be synced.

I do this very often when I need to work on the stage without running back and forth to the console.

John Marks

Woops, should have read more. My solution is providing you have two connections on the laptop. A WiFi and ethernet will work if it is available on the machine running Vista. We are fortunate to have two LAN ports so it is easy to direct one for ArtNet and the other for our VLAN. If you would like to discuss more, I can PM my number to see if there is a way to solve the issue if not already.


We have tried all of that! From using a separate ethernet adaptor, checked the order service order, and we used a hard wired ethernet dongle. About to go buy a windows lol.

Is there any other way that we haven’t tried?

Thanks again for all the help!

When your lighting system goes down, try opening terminal and ‘pinging’ one of the devices on your Art-Net network using the form ‘ping -S AddressOfYourNIC AddressOfTheDevice’. If you can’t get a response, try pinging the loop-back address via ‘ping’ to test your Ethernet interface. If those two work fine, you may want to double-check that the Broadcast address in Vista is still set to 2.x.x.x, or whichever non-standard IP address network you are using.