Is there a way to go wireless for Vista?

Is there any way to take Vista wireless? The location for the computer and console to control vista is not optimal at my church, and I am wondering if there is any way to go wireless with vista, like with a laptop walking around with vista open on it.

The best option is a VNC viewer on your laptop.

If you are using ArtNet to output to your fixtures, you could theoretically connect to the network and output ArtNet from your laptop instead of the primary console. Copy showfile, edit on laptop, copy back to console. If you’re alone and just want to program easily and willing to mess with it, that would be an option.

But definitely for a show environment you would want to just be screen mirroring your primary console like what Jack suggested.

Hope that helps! Just trying to give suggestions :slight_smile:

I use ArtNet over WIFI and works fine. I recommend you tested first and under your own risk :wink:
Just use ArtNet node connected to a router then in Vista3 select “WIFI” in “User Preferences” now you have to select “YourRouterNETname” and connect and run Vista3.

Check first if you have enough WIFI coverage. With this you have 0 delay.

Hope that helps.


I really shouldn’t mention this…

If your WIFI network is really good you could actually use a wireless tracking backup from the laptop. This just saves you having to transfer and reopen showfiles all the time. Your changes will be on the main console straight away.

For the most part this can work quite well.
Disclaimer… tracking backup is absolutely not designed to be used over wifi. If your wireless network is not 100% solid you may experience heartbeat and connection drop outs. So this may be a useful tool when programming, but for live events you should disable the wifi tracking backup and return to a standalone machine (or wired tracking backup).

Good luck!

A feature suggestion related to this - having a “Vista Remote” app that could connect to Vista and allow you to remotely operate your control surface, playback, and control fixtures in live from a device like an iPad or iPhone would be convenient. Not sure if it would be worth the effort to develop such a product, but it would be cool none the less.

Maybe the easier option for someone interested in this is just to screen mirror your computer to an iPad and program like that :slight_smile: