Vista 3 and Vectorworks Vision

Is it possible to connect Vista 3 and Vision on one Mac computer? I know this is possible on a Windows machine, but I can’t find any documents on connecting with a Mac.


Yeah it works. I don’t think I had to do anything special, just send out an sACN or Art-Net universe from Vista and have Vision look for whichever you send (sACN or Art-Net) and it should connect.

It is possible, but only when using sACN. You cannot pass Art-Net to the same computer on a Mac. Running Vista and Vision on the same computer slows my fully loaded MacBook Pro from 2018 down to a crawl. I would highly suggest using an external video processor when running both on the same computer. I’ve started using an old iMac to run Vista and networking to my laptop for Vision and the speed has improved tremendously.

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