Control vista from a video

I have a client that would like to control lighting cues from a video that will loop throughout the day. It doesn’t make sense to have a full blown media server. Is there a video playback option that I could embed MIDI commands into to control vista?
Is there an easier/better solution?

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You may want to look into something like Qlab and use midi notes or MTC to run Vista.

Thanks Ben,
Is there a PC solution?

Not that I know of. Maybe Pro Presenter would do it.

Great suggestion. Didn’t even think of it. (edit) Contacted Renewed Vision, MIDI module not available for PC.

You can try LTC. You can make a LTC track in Reaper, put that on the right channel of the video and all other sound on the left. Or make a surround sound track, and put it in any other channel than L/R. You would need a USB audio interface to give you more than 2 outputs. Not sure if that would work with the video and lighting on the same computer…