Timed sleep/shut-off for Vista consoles

I use Vista 3 on a MacBook with an S1 console at my church and some of the volunteers that use the system after me on Sunday mornings either forget to turn stuff off, don’t want to, or don’t know how to.

I’d like an timed shut-off feature to be implemented into Vista because when the laptop controlling the console goes to sleep, the console still remains on and sending a DMX signal. If this feature already exists, someone please show me how to utilize it! Otherwise:

We have a lot of hard to access (for relamping) conventional fixtures and I’d like their lamp life to be as long as possible without careless operators leaving them on all week at full brightness. The ETC Sensor+ 48 that our S1 is connected to will darken everything when it stops receiving a DMX signal for about 5 mins, so I think it would be helpful to be able to specify a period of inactivity within Vista, after which the console will enter a sleep/shut-off state, allowing the fixtures to be darkened, prolonging the fixtures’ lamp life.

If I’m completely wrong about turning stuff off after using it, please feel free to assure me leaving the console and various fixtures on all week 24/7 will not shorten their life or cause hardware damage to them (although, I’m pretty sure it does).

Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really do what I want it to do. The iMac is already set up to go to sleep, but the console remains on and still sends DMX. I’m really just trying to idiot-proof our system, as manually turning off the console will shut off the dimmers, but many volunteers and guests are unaware of this simple extra step.

The S1 will hold the last look when Vista is shut down. The only way around this is to power down the S1.

can you set up remote access with teamveiwer / vnc and check after services?

I actually already occasionally do that using the Mac’s built-in Screen Sharing. What Ben Coleman said seems like the most logical answer since, from my understanding, the S1 doesn’t care if the computer is shut down or not.

But now that you mention it, I could totally use screen sharing to drop all the faders and release cuelists from another Mac. I guess that’ll be my “solution” for now!

Probably getting your volunteers to care would be the best solution.