Remote Control of Vista 3 Console

I’m wondering what the options are to remotely control Vista3?

In our situation:
Vista 3 is being run on a PC and connected using SACN to control light fixtures in a space. The PC is at the back of a 100’x100’ room, when working on something often a light change is needed (The change can be anything: activate a cue, change a color, increase intensity etc etc.). It’s handy to be able to remotely tell the PC to do the task rather than run back to the PC to do it. (not the end of the world but a good waste of time)

Check out this thread which may help answer some of your questions.

Hope that helps!

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:+1: Thanks!

Use “AnyDesk” , install it on both machines, then you can remote in.

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That sounds like a good solution.
Do you know of any Pros/cons of using teamviewer versus anydesk?

I believe Anydesk can be used offline while Team Viewer needs internet.

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You may also want to try/test Windows remote desktop. Its pretty good with low latency.

Would windows remote desktop work with a smartphone/tablet accessing the PC remotely? I was thinking it would only work between PCs

That’s super useful. So if/when internet is lost for whatever reason, the lighting board can still be controlled.