Dancing Lights

Hello All,
I would like to set up a connection from our light computer to our audio board. We record our sermons on this computer as well so i was thinking can the Vista software keep time with our live band during the worship time before the sermon or do i have to set the time to keep with the band?


I am not quite sure what you are asking.

The first red flag I see is that you are using your Vista computer to also record audio. This is not at all recommended since any other processes such as this will have detrimental affects on the Vista application.

Next, Vista won’t “keep time” without some sort of external control such as Midi, Midi Show Control, LTC Timecode or Midi Timecode. One of these protocols is needed to send commands into Vista to fire cues.

It may be a bit more helpful if you can explain what you would like to see as an end result.

There are all sorts of ways to externally trigger.

fwiw, I use an application called VDMX to capture audio from an Aux (I feed kick and snare to it) into VDMX and then use audio frequency filters (kick is LF, snare is Mids) to generate a “note on” for a specific MIDI note number which I send to Vista to fire cuelists that typically only are a flash on/off of a set of the lighting rig.

If you were doing some thing more complex w/ the band and running something like Ableton for backing tracks you could obviously do more but, like Ben typed, Vista needs to be told what to do and it’s not really a ‘sync’ so you’d have to make your cues run in what seemed like the same tempo of the song.