Term And Policy Popup on showfile

I think a good feature to add that i havent really seen anywhere else is a feature that when you load the showfile it pops up a message where the owner (showfile creator) can put whatever they want on it. I personally would use this is to show the Policy of using my showfile when people load it or use it. I would really love to see this feature added!

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Just add a sticky note next to the console saying “hey if you use the showfile named xyz then be sure to do ___ and don’t do ___”. :slight_smile:

Wont work bc people would just throw away stickynote, a feature built into vista would be 100% better

While yes someone could just throw away a sticky note, adding a permanent feature to the Vista software itself may not be the best solution either. Plus, the Vista team is only going to put development resources into features that improve the experience and functionality of Vista for a large portion of its users. If a feature request is asked for by a large group of Vista users, then the team is more likely to implement it.

Additionally, how do you know who’s the “owner” of a showfile? Would there be some sort of password required to edit this message? I honestly just don’t see how practical or helpful adding something like this would be, plus it doesn’t seem to be something that really contributes to improving the functionality of Vista. The development team is more likely to put time and resources towards features that add capabilities to the software or improve the programming experience.

Yes there would be a password similar to how you can lock a showfile. This could also make the experience better since other softwares dont have these kind of features. (its also pretty simple to code)