New/future Hardware Ideas & discussions

After seeing peoples intrest and ideas for new Vista features and future Hardware i thought I’d open a new thread so everyone can share ideas and +1 the ones they like !

Haha you beat me to it

I would love to hear people ideas for hardware as that’s the way you physically interact with vista. I would also love to see what the devs and admins are already trying to include.

two words:
motorized faders


Keep the stylus !

But have some kind of hybrid screen that can either work like a stylus screen or be a touch screen :thinking:


Yes agree. Personally I would like to see a big screen and a small screen in some combination. so that I can put Main work flow on the main screen but then a crucial dockable window on the secondary smaller screen.


Hard keys. 100%

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Dear Santa Claus,

here is my Wishlist :slight_smile:
Double encoder wheels; the outer ring can be the fine channel…
and it would be nice if they can be a bit bigger then on the L5 :slightly_smiling_face:

Silent knobs and fans

Multi Touchscreen(s) please…

I like a solid console with good quality (industrial) parts.

I would love a dedicated level wheel

a console with more than 2 dmx outputs or native networking on the console.

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Here we go then…

Hardware wise I would like to see a range of consoles and wings that have the same layout across them all so that muscle memory doesn’t go out the window, that include motorised faders, a decent amount of i/o (midi, timecode etc) and screens and keyboard

Software -
An improved timecode system (as I’ve laid out in a previous post)

Networking options for backups/multiple network ports etc

Better merging of showfiles with more options for what goes where, moving content from old fixtures to new ones in the showfile (ie fixture 101 in old showfile merges to fixture 201 in new) selecting presets to merge (ie I want to merge in a cuelist to a show, it uses some presets and I can link them to ones in the current show rather than importing in lots of presets)

The ability to do a swing fx to “release” so fx can be layered (ie more than 1 colour fx at a time)

There’s more but those are my priorities. Keep up the good work vista people :slight_smile: