Save Copy As

Hello All, Has anyone else noticed that when you want to save a copy of your showfile in V3, the naming never matches the show file that you are currently.

Ie. You are in “show file 1.3” when you click the “save copy as” in the file menu and the name that auto populates is “show file 1 (copy)”.

Wondering if I am missing something here.


It is because of the “.”

File names with a “.” are usually followed by an extension, so therefore the naming convention looks to be stopping at the “.”.

Instead of “.” why not use “v”. For example “Showfile 1 v3”

This will work.

Ah that makes since. I just need to move my V.

I am actually using them at Name V1.3, Name V1.4… etc.
I will just change to Name 1 V3, Name 1 V4… etc

Thanks Jack!