Output screen additions


I tend to use the output screen a fair bit but there are a few things i think it could use,

I like the follow selection tool but i would love to see a:

follow in live or follow in programmer option this way as im adding things to live i can see them popping up and keep track of what manual and whats playback

along with this a follow XX cuelist would be useful

a show Patched / show all option for when you have fixtures in the your showfile but not patched but still need to see the programming for them in the output screen

ive suggested this before but in the output screen or in the fixture chooser id like to see a way of seeing what channels are comming up in a cue what are going down what are staying the same what fixtures are marking and for what cue

and a view that shows all of this but in Q-view for what ever Q you arew viewing …

and … a show IF option e.g. Show or select IF Preset 1, IF Cue list 1 Q 5. etc …

not much … but i thought id suggest it :stuck_out_tongue:

A way of putting deviders or breaks in the intensity output page or a grid based system like a quick picker for custom arrangement

And a tool for displaying via fixture type

Ok I’m going to stop now and get back to programming prommise!

Couldn’t you basically achieve this by adding multiple output pickers and splitting up however you like?

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Yes and this is the way I have been doing it and using a snapshot to call it up, the only reason I suggested deviders was then you can have it all in once place with less screen space taken up by it,

I know it’s a very lazy request :grin: