Remote Showfile Delete Or Lock

I go to places where i dont want people saving my showfile and using it without me knowing. Is there you can make a feature where I am alerted in the Vista software when my showfile is in use and give me options to remove the showfile from the computer or disable that showfile?

Just delete the showfile when you’re done.

Go to venue > load your showfile from your personal USB drive > do show > copy showfile with any edits from the show to USB drive > delete showfile from the hard drive. Then no one can use your showfile because it’s totally deleted from that place’s hard drive.

Also take a look at the lock showfile function in Vista, that might be another option for what you’re looking for.


yes this is a solution but I do not trust the people i am with when im away and leave my console unlocked. (i am not allowed to lock it for obv reasons)

You can lock the showfile (write protect) and you can also “disable merging” so that the showfile can’t be merged into other showfiles without your password.

This is as far as you can go. Even with “showfile lock” users could “save show as” and create their own, unlocked, version of your showfile.

There is no way Vista can alert you that your showfile is in use. Nor will there likely ever be. There is no “online” functionality.

I think that is a good feature to add

I have to disagree, adding a feature that requires your lighting console to be on the internet is a recipe for disaster. This is intentionally designed in every aspect to not need to be online from the software itself to the licensing system.

You can have it to use the internet when its available and if its not then just not load the feature. But i understand you point where having it online at all is a bad idea