R4 opening my showfile and changing fixture type slow

When I’m opening my showfile or changing the fixture type its taking a pretty long time. Especially when using the replace with fixture type option. It took at least 10m to get started. I cleaned out my cues that I don’t use and deleted them but I still don’t know why its opening so slow. DM me for the showfile.


Feel free to submit an official support ticket.
We will take a look.

it may be that your showfile is just unusually large / bogged down, if it is super old? Changing fixture type is an incredibly intensive process, which can be time consuming with large showfiles.

Happy to take a look at it.

Thanks, this is a pretty old showfile and I had it for 2-3 years now. I will open a support ticket now

For really old showfiles, it can often be a good idea to re-create them using the Merge feature. So create a brand new showfile, merge the needed components from the old into the new, and thus cleanout a lot of the file contents behind the scenes (and maybe remove some old programming that you didn’t need anyway). If you ever have issues with showfiles being buggy or glitchy this can be a great way to resolve them.

At the same time, I have a showfile at my church that has been used for probably 5ish years or ever since Vista 3 came out, and before that migrated from vista 2 (I do not think we have ever rebuild the file) and it still works perfectly fine. So another part of it is just consistent cleaning out of showfile components (cuelists, groups, etc) to make sure there’s not any unneeded data. Also, shoutout Vista devs for making a software that can keep the same file working for as many years as I can remember :tada:


It is also good to run the Clean Up Show tool. I try to run that after every heavy programming session or once a week for installs.