Smoke Detector feature

So for us (and probably many others with smoke detectors) it will cost us 2000$ if the smoke detectors go off, even if it’s a false alarm. For me, every youth night I have to isolate the detectors which is annoying to remember, and some weeks have nearly forgotten. Plus every now and then, different events require haze and I either won’t be there or remember to isolate because it’s out of routine.
So my feature idea would be:
-some way to lock/put a password on the haze fixture, so when opening Vista, you are unable to control the hazer without putting in the password. However password only pops up if you click on the fixture. Plus being able to customise the message for the password popup would be cool. Another nice addition would be able to set how long after the password is entered that you can have ‘access’ to the fixture, and once that time is up, the hazer turns off until you re-enter the password. This is because there’s an 8 hour time limit to isolate our detectors.
This feature would definitely help churches or other venues with the same situation, or be able to be used in different ways with other fixture types that only few people can have access to.

You can lock the entire console. Just make the password, turnofffirealarm or something that reminds people.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a Vista function but you could put a power relay (like a Furman CN-15MP) on the hazer and put a key switch in the booth and limit key availability so you had to intentionally turn it on. Or put the key plate in your office or somewhere w/ limited access…like by the fire panel!

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I would suggest that something like Andrew’s suggestion is a much better solution.

I very much doubt that this sort of feature would make its way into Vista. It sounds very niche.