Black out problem

I am currently experiencing a problem where intensity from some lighting units can not completely turn off. The output is 0%, but still outputting aprx 1%. Closing the shutter will completely turn them off.
I am running the latest software (R3 build 21919) on Windows and M1 console. I am using a bunch of Prolight Stark 1000 Wash in 16ch mode. Some have this problem, others not. The only logic is that the ones with the problem, are also the ones with the highest DMX addresses. Is this maybe a termination problem? Suggestions?

I wouldnt have thought so.

Are the Starks all on the same firmware version?

What happens if you take a “working” fixture ID and repatch that to a DMX address that has an issue? Does the problem follow the Vista Fixture ID or does the problem stay with the same physical unit?

I tried patching a “working” fixture ID and repatched that to a DMX address that has an issue and found out that the problem follow the actual lighting unit. I will ask the local techs to have a look, but have found a work around by programming the shutter off. Thank you!