Assigning Hazer to Fader

I am trying to assign a Ultratecfx Radience Hazer to an S3 console fader. The fixture has been addressed. I can control the haze output from the fixture properties. I would like to assign the hazer to a fader on the console for easy of operation.

I have dragged the hazer from Groups to a fader on the S3. I have dragged the HTP option from the Group Faders to the fader on the console. However, I am not able to control the hazer from the console. What am I missing? Any insight would be appreciated. Total noob with VIsta.


Group faders wont work because groups only work with “intensities”. Hazers dont have “intensity” they have “haze” and “fan” (which are typically placed in the “beam” feature class of Vista).

If you really want to use group faders you will need to repatch the fixtures as “generic dimmers”, as these use intensity.

The way to do it with your actual hazer profile is:
Store a single cue cuelist to a fader with the haze at whatever you want to be full.
Cue time = 0s
open the cuelist properties and set the release time to 0s. Also set “auto play and release” and crucially fader type set to “all features” (not just intensity)

Thank you for the follow up, Jack.
I appreciate it very much!!

I took your advice about building out a cue list for the hazer and it works great!!

Thank you very much!!

We have our hazers in a timed cuelist. That way we can have it turn off and on automatically.

The way I like to run hazers is to create a list with 2 or 3 cues. Cue on is high, the amount I need to really bring up the haze level. Cue 2 is low, the maintain level. Cue 3 is off but with the fan still going. I put that list up on a faderless playback and then I can bump through it as needed during the show.

Hello, please kindly do a work through like a step to step on how to create the haze, I’m a beginner in Vista Chroma.

Thank you.

Good night
How can I do this?
what should i do about the other fixtures?

How to use a Hazer profile in Vista V3

This might help :slight_smile: