Startup / Shutdown

I have some DMX controlled circuit breakers that I would like to energize when opening a show and turn off when closing a show/quitting Vista. This is where DMX intensity below a certain threshold is off and above is on.

I think I just save the those “fixtures” powered up in the Live tab to turn them on when opening a show, but how should I ensure that the zero intensity command is sent on closing Vista? The breakers seem to act as save last state on loss of communication.

When I have had to use relay/on/off modules, I will program them into their own cuelist and make sure that I modify the cuelist properties so that they ignore “Release all”. Then I am able to manually release the cuelist at the end of the night and the circuits are powered off.

That makes perfect sense. Funny how your mind draws a blank until some points it out and then it’s a light bulb going off (no pun intended).

Glad I could offer some help. I am sure others have varying ideas on how to handle the situation.

I would agree with using a cuelist for it. One thing you could also do would be to set the cuelist to auto run on show load, that way it would always default to being on. This would be especially useful in the case of a crash where you have to reopen your show and if the cuelist didn’t play then all of your fixtures would loose power and have to reset.

Also, for anyone else reading this, if you are in a similar situation but just need them to be on at all times, you could set them to be on in live and then park the fixtures by right clicking and selecting park. After parking the fixtures, you could change anything in the show (maybe even the grand master, idr) and they would still output whatever you set them to. (to unpark, right click on the fixtures and click unpark)


Thank you - I was able to create a “power” cuelist today and assign it to one of the surface buttons. Having it autorun will be even better.