Vista 3 Creating a show

Hello I am having a problem with creating a show for my church. When the live tab is on my lights will respond correctly. But when I go to create a show and i create the cuelist for the show and go to program the lights for each scene the light will not respond at all. what is it I am doing wrong in the vista program.


Some things come up in mid to check:

-> Check if your cue list has at least one cue played to the end… (if play-head is at the start of the first cue… the values will be edited but you won’t see any meaningful output.)
-> Check if there’s no ‘stealth’ mode enabled.
-> If cue list is assigned to some fader… pull up that fader.
-> Clear live tab.

Guntars when I select a certain group of light to come on in the cue list they do nothing. im going back this morning to work on creating a new fresh new cue list and see if that does it!

It sounds like you still have events in your live tab (Vista’s programmer).
The easiest way to tell is you get a little red no entry symbol in the live tab itself.

Click in this tab and press CLEAR.

Go back to your cuelist. Does it work now?

i was able to get the system to work but i have noticed a very big problem. When you hit the release button at the top to release all the cues it shut down the m1 board. I have hit the play button to turn on the lights but they do not respond at all?? The cuelist show green as if the lights are coming on but they dont. What do I need to do?

Press Clear too? I still think you might have events in the programmer.

Also, is your MV Cuelist intensity fader at 100%