Skipping Cue Lists

So we have had an issue in the playback area. Whenever I click on a cue list, it jumps to a different cue list. For instance, We were going to the second song in our service (I.D 3), and it jumped to the third song (I.D 4). I do want to point out the first few times I did think I clicked the wrong cue list, but I am positive that is not the case and have other volunteers experience the same thing. Would really like to figure this out.

HI Matthew,

This sounds like you might be better off submitting a support ticket.

Exactly which button do you press to play your cues/cuelists?
Are you working with software only or do you have any physical control surfaces?

When you say ID 3 and 4 I assume you mean cuelist number 3 and 4 and not cue number 3 and 4 within a single cuelist?

Please send us a copy of your latest showfle. You can attach it to the support request page.

Please answer these questions in your support ticket.