Phantom cuelist instructions

I have had an issue that has been bothering me for several months now. We are using an L5 with the latest version of Vista, but the issue has appeared in previous versions going back to Vista 2.

We run out L5 for worship services and therefore have a couple hundred Cuelists for all the songs that we play during the weekends (only about 4 songs per weekend). The issue I am having occurs when I change previous “instructions” in a specific cue. If I change the position of the movers in cue 5 from position 1 to position 2 for example, and in cue 6 have a slow movement to position 3, when I go and playback the cue everything looks good on cue 5, but when I play cue 6, the movers immediately jump from position 2 to position 1 and then continue on the slow fade to position 3. It is like the cuelist remembers that at one point the movers should be at position 1 even though it has been changed. Here is the kicker though, it doesn’t happen every time I run through the cuelist. Since the cuelist is meant for playback with a song, there is usually a long fade time in cue 5 where the movers are preset so that when cue 6 plays the movers increase intensity and have their slow movement to position 3. So if I step through the cues quickly the lights move as expected, when I play the cuelist to the music the lights jump from position 2 to position 1 and then move to position 3 in time with cue 6.

I have checked the timeline for cue 5 and cue 6 and all information for position 1 is not present in the “position” section or the “Custom Position”. I am using presets for all positions. It is like there is a deeper layer of programming that I don’t have access to where the command to be at position 1 is still being referenced. I have gone back through the cues and deleted the all position information for the movers and then re-inserted the instructions and the same thing happens.

The only thing that I have gotten to work is to change the timing of the first cue so that it has completed before running the second cue.That is not ideal if I am trying to layer movements and intensity fades over a couple of cues.

I am open to any suggestions.

Sounds like you need to submit an official support request :wink:

Send your showfile and an exact list, cue and fixture number to look at that exhibits the problem.

Before you do that though you might like to press tools > cleanup show > repair invalid events and hidden events.

See if that helps you.

I submitted an official request yesterday, but I will try the cleanup show when I am back at the venue today. Thanks for the help.

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Jack I just tried you suggestion from the tools menu to clean up the show but the issue still happens. It Showed that it cleaned up thousands of issues but didn’t fix my problem.