Position FX in CueList not playing

Hi all,
Hope to find someone who can tell me what im doing wrong.
I now tried several times to create a CueList with a few Position FXs.
While Creating all works fine. But every time after I update one Cue all cues stop playing back anything.
If I watch the cue in the “preview” mode (Yellow Border) the FX is displayed but as soon as the cue is the currently running all the lights just stuck.
See in this screenshot on the top, the cue is currently playing and no FX is active in the right section and Also the light do nothing.

As soon I play the next cue and go back to the same cue as on the screenshot above, the FX is visible in the Smart FX section and in the Preview the lights are moving (Screenshot on the bottom)

I created several cellists with these FXs and every time after editing one of the cues this behaviour starts and the duelist is basically useless as nothing happens if I play the cues :smiley:

Hi Simon,

I’d suggest submitting a support ticket with this information + your showfile.
We can take a look at it and officially advise from there.


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