Cue list problems using Vista mv

[date=2020-10-30 timezone=“Europe/London”]Hello-
I hope that someone can help me! I am having problems controlling cues using the MV control surface.
For example, if I put a cue list onto the first slider, and then another cue list onto the next slider, everything seems ok. The first cue list plays when I hit the play button, and when I hit the play button for the next cue list the first list stops and the second one starts. However, if I put a cue onto the next slider, which has been made as a Smart FX, everything goes wrong. I cannot figure out how to stop one of the original cues from playing in the background when I attempt to play the Smart Fx cue.
I hope that the above makes sense! My lights are Studio Force II’s, and I am using the latest Vista software. Any advice would be much appreciated!

I am assuming you are using the same fixtures in all 3 lists

some things you might want to try

In your cuelist properties try changing the priority of your lists so that higher ones will play over lower ones

you can also change them from LTP to HTP depending on what’s playing back

Super blocking a cue will ensure it plays back as it was stored regardless of other programming

auto play and release will allow you to activate your looks on the fader and then release them when you bring them to zero

with your effect try changing its base point type to a free effect

depending on what you are trying to so these settings should help you customise how you want your cues to play back

Hi Robert,
Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my query- much appreciated.
I’ll be completely honest- most of your response was rather beyond my understanding, but I have tried Super blocking the relevant cue and it seems to have completely cured my problem!
Thanks again,