Select on the console plays cuelist

In V2 the sect button above the lcd screen on the console would load that cuelist when in Play Mode on the console. In V3 when i press the select button it is immediately playing that 1st Cue in the Cuelist disregarding any Cue timing and then the Play button just above the fader and the bottom button under the fader flash and it will not release even when clicking Release on the software? I need a quick solution for this please anyone. It may be a setting that is selected that shouldn’t be.

Update* It only appears to auto play and lock out the Cuelists with Intensity and Colour Info in them. Not position Cuelists from what i can work out.

Update 2* I have worked out that if i have the cuelist activated before pressing the select button it doesn’t flash the buttons but when i try and release that cuelist if its still selected it will not release.

Update 3* I have been able to single out certain show files that this occurs on, it doesn’t happen to some of my show files and if i am opening a V2 show file it won’t happen until i save the show file as V3 showfile.

This is a known bug. I think the current workaround is to keep the cross fader on the superplayback at zero.