Select cuelist command

I would like to see a select cuelist command in vista. This would be like the release command for it but would just select the cuelist so that it is loaded.

I think this would be beneficial because I it would cut down on the number of keystrokes needed to get a cuelist automatically loaded to the super play back.
This would allow the ending cue of song 1 to automatically load song 2 so that no other buttons have to be pushed. This would help keep show flow easy for volunteers and would have the console do the work for you instead of yourself.
I have been told this is possible with snapshots but seems like this is alot of extra work. You would have to create the snapshot, label it, organize it into a folder for song snapshots then call the command. Lots of extra keystroke that a simple select command could alleviate.

Hi Josh,

Have you actually tried it? It really isn’t that much work. Your suggestion isnt to “select a cuelist” via inserted commands. This is something else. It is to “automatically load it into the superplayback.”

You may forget though that some users use multiple consoles and therefore multiple superplaybacks. How would the command know which one to load into? We’d have to start introducing console “serial numbers” into the inserted command window. Being able to define this sort of thing in a console workspace snapshot and then trigger through a command is much more flexible.

I would suggest that as seen as though your feature can already be achieved, with the actual end results exactly as you want them, that this new feature would likely fall to the bottom of the development list… Unless it gets a lot of +1 support from the user community.

This is exactly what I would like too. Can I record a snapshot that only recalls what’s selected and not the console layout? Our layouts change week-to-week so I can’t have each song change the layouts every time.
I’d love to be able to use the super playback and see the cuelist in the playback window when the cuelist is played. Currently the last cue in cuelist 1 has a command to play cue 1 in cuelist 2 then I have to hit the select button. It’s not that big of a deal but would be nice to have the console select it automatically.

Another idea is to use what happens when you are in the Store Part dialog box and you hit the asterisk of an open fader; once you save it it places it in that selected spot. Could there be a command that records the next button touch so you can select which console and which cuelist you want it to select and it just saves that as the command?

Leave this with is for a short while :slight_smile:

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