Feature Request

I recently saw a video by Robert Price on a workflow for a show with multiple songs and separating each song into it’s own cuelist. I like this workflow, as it allows me to create a reusable ‘library’ of songs that I can use over and over again. It also helps with organization, so I really like it.

My playback window snapshot also includes a dockable cuelist playback window so that I can see where I am in the selected cuelist.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when releasing a cuelist and playing the first cue of another cuelist, the ‘selected’ cuelist cannot be set to what I would call my ‘current’ cuelist.

I’ve caused myself a little trouble when continuing to use [spacebar] as play, or simply the console play button for the selected cuelist. Even though my ‘new’ cuelist is playing, when I play the next, it will go ahead and start playing the selected cuelist (which is often the one playing beforehand that was just released).

I would like to see a command added so that (in my case, for each song) I could put in a command on the first cue to make that cuelist the ‘selected’ cuelist.

So, basically a command to set any cuelist as the ‘selected’ cuelist would be a welcome feature addition.

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