Load Live to Super Playbacks

So when I create a new showfile, Live is automatically loaded to all Super Playbacks. However, once I select a cuelist, that cuelist is loaded to the Super Playbacks, and I can’t figure out a way to put Live back on the Super Playbacks. Is there a way to do this? If so, how?

If there actually isn’t a way to “select” the Live tab again and load it to super playbacks, could a button be added for this? Maybe next to the stealth button?


“ICPG”-butoon, NO???

There is no way to do it. What do you actually want to control from “live” in the superplayback? Intensity?

Yes, I’d like to be able to control the live intensity and live time from the superplaybacks.

It seems like there would be an area on the Console tab for “Live Faders” similar to that for Cuelist Faders and Cuelist Buttons.


Live time is already on the second fader by default.

Some explanation to the behavior change you noticed.

In Vista R2 the “live” cuelist was the cuelist that was loaded into the superplayback when in “IPCG mode”.

In R3 this super playback behaviour was changed for a number of reasons:

  1. Many users requested that the selected / default cuelist playback controls (play, pause, etc) remained operational when in “IPCG mode” and not just “cuelist playback mode”. The fader pair and the playback controls act as one component.
  2. It makes no sense to have the “live” cuelist as the default target for operations. Especially command line operations.

Overall, there are quite a lot of advantages to changing to this system but it does mean that we lost the programmer intensity fader. Although, this has actually been “blank” by default for a long time. It caused a lot of tech support requests if someone forgot to push it up.

I will however mention the programmer intensity fader to the dev team. There may be a way we can bring it back without changing the above.

Ahh, I see.

I personally would suggest making it as user configurable as possible. If you were to add a “Live Faders” section to the controls bin area on the right area of the Console tab, then users could choose which fader did what. For example, I could put the “Live Intensity” and “Live Timing” faders on the super playbacks, versus another user could choose to put “Cuelist Intensity” and Play/Pause on the super playbacks. This would also be disconnected from the IPCG mode options on the other LCD.