Strange Playback Window cuelist behavior

On the Facebook ‘Vista By Chroma Q Operators/Programmer Group’, Benny McDaniel posted an issue he’s experiencing in V3 with the cuelist in the Playback Window. I had experienced the same thing, but hadn’t had time to look at it and definitely no time to create a video of the issue. Hopefully this link will take you to his Facebook post with the video:

The first cuelist in the Playback Window cuelist seems to disappear, with the second cuelist now at the top. But the if you play the first cuelist, it shows up again but replaces the second cuelist. If you then play the second cuelist it replaces the first cuelist. Etc. (May experience other variations, but that’s the basic idea.)

In testing I noticed this seemed to occur after I had selected one of my 3 snapshots. That Snapshot had most (or maybe all) of the options selected. So I followed that lead, and started narrowing down by making snapshots with various options selected.

Narrowed it down to the ‘Playback State’ option. If I included that one in the Snapshot, the issue occurred. If I didn’t, it didn’t. So, just to be sure, I created a brand new very simple show file with just a couple of fixtures and a couple of single-cue cuelists. Then I saved a Snapshot with ONLY the ‘Playback State’ option selected.

This issue started occurring right after I executed that Snapshot.


I did a simple test (JUST these steps):

  1. executed the Snapshot
  2. played cuelist List1
  3. played cuelist List2

The Playback Window cuelist before executing the Snapshot:

After executing the Snapshot:

Then playing cuelist List1:

Next playing cuelist List2: