Connect to ArtNet

Is there something specific I am missing for connecting to ArtNet device, in this case, Enttec Strom 8? I have connected universes with the sub of 0 and universe of 0 in Vista and no matter what I try it won’t send DMX to the Enttec. The Enttec ArtNet utility will control the lights, but not Vista.

Both computer and Enttec are on the same subnet. and I can get control with the Vista EX via the ports on the back.

Thanks for the input!

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Check Vista to make sure it’s using the Network Interface that you think it is using. In Vista 3, go to File->User Preferences, and look at the Networking tab. Most computers these days have two network interfaces - the WiFi network and the Ethernet network. When I’ve had problems getting Vista to control my Enttec device, and the Enttec software WILL control it, it’s been because Vista is broadcasting over the “other” network adapter instead of the one that my Enttec is on.

I hope that helps!

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If your using a Mac turn your WiFi off

Make sure that the Subnet Mask number match on both devices (I assume that is is correct) and, on a Mac, set the router address to be the same as the IP address (

Update on getting things fixed.

Jkumorek’s advice solved the problem. It was not using the proper network interface. Just a note, I have been using Vista with the ethernet connected to the Enttec and my wifi connect to another network and everything works fine. Wifi doesn’t seem to be an issue.