Artnet, Streaming ACN and PVP issues

I have a house of worship lighting system that is controlled via Vista 3 on a all-in-one PC and a wing. The lighting system is set to output sACN 10.x.x.x IP range. I’m hoping to trigger a PVP Mac from a separate Ethernet port (USB to Ethernet adapter) connected to the Vista PC so as to keep the systems isolated via ARTNET with a IP of 2.x.x.x/subnet Whenever I attempt to assign/bind the PVP universe to the 2nd Ethernet interface on the Vista it kicks out the 2.x.x.x IP and assigns a generic 169.x.x.x. When I connect to PVP using another controller platform (Onyx) I have no issues. Any ideas??? PVP appears not to support sACN otherwise I would simply add it into the existing system via a network switch and be done with it.

typically 169. range is that the device can’t connect to DHCP

Well I have 2nd ethernet port attached to the Vista PC MANUALLY set to a with subnet and the PVP mac is MANUALLY set to with subnet The Vista DMX connection window initially sees the 2nd ethernet port I’m trying to use and shows universe “NOT ASSIGNED”. As soon as I attempt to assign universe on Vista to the ARTNET universe (in this case universe 4) under Vista “dmx connections” window the IP switches from to a 169.x.x.x. IP for some reason… if that makes any sense. I have a 2048 dongle and nothing is patched to universe 4 Universe 1 and 2 are strictly ACN on the main ethernet port on Vista PC. Not sure why Vista won’t stay locked to my 2nd ethernet port once I assign universe. I assume Vista can output both ACN and Artnet simultaneously???.

Vista can output both however on Mac Vista will only use the primary (top) network interface in the network settings service order window.

The 169 ip address is a self assigned internal IP only so that would not actually output anything to any location.

The system Vista system is PC based. The Network settings shows Primary IP #1 of 10.x.x.x (which is assigned to sACN) it also shows a secondary IP: address of 169.x.x.x . I’m attempting add an then bind a secondary Ethernet port (USB to Ethernet adapter) specifically for ARTNET 2.x.x.x as the Pro Video Player (PVP) only accepts ARTNET(not ACN). Vista sometimes will see the USB to Ethernet adapter initially, however when I attempt to assign it to a universe, it reverts to The 10.x.x.x sACN port which I can’t use. I can’t add a NIC card to PC (thinking its a USB to ethernet adapter issue with Vista) however its a all-in-one PC. I’ve used this same type of configuration (sACN or one port and Art-Net on other) other PC lighting desks without issues.

Mmh… try to disable that NIC what has that 169… it could be loopback or some other virtual NIC. Looks like a for some ‘Vista’ reason it grabs it as a secondary output device.

did you ever get this resolved i’m having a similar issue.