sACN Setup (Need Help)

Running Vista 3 via a Mac mini _ S1 _ Initial Setup

I need help connecting to my Pro Plex DMX node over steaming ACN!

I have setup my Ethernet connection. It says its working… But I am not able to fire any relays to start programming.


Did you actually patch the sACN universe to a Vista universe? (Patch page->Connect Universes->Add Network Connection, set the sACN universe, then click Add and patch the Vista universe in the DMX Universe column)
If so, did you patch the sACN universe to a port on the node? (I don’t have any experience with the ProPlex nodes but it’s able to be changed from the front panel or software with Pathport nodes)
If it’s not these, give some details about the connection between your computer and the node (network/direct connect? What network hardware? Config info?)

Do you have a picture of it’s configuration? On the device and the computer.