sACN node not working (emergency please respond asap)

I keep getting this error when i trying to use a chauvet an-2 node with sACN

@jack.moorhouse @VistaSupport Any comments? (Sorry for pinging i just need a solution so i can do this gig)

I assume you got sorted?
(I am in a UK timezone, so was probably sleeping when you posted).

A restart of the Vista app / computer usually sorts this. Make sure you don’t have the “reopen windows / applications” check box ticked on your Mac.
Vista uses a number of background processes behind the scenes. Usually these start and end with an application launch and close. Is for some reason these have not been closed properly you could get the above messages on the next app launch.


I think its vista thats the issue. I opened lightkey and everything was working

Im using a DMX-AN2 node with sACN. Can you run me through the things i should check and which subnet i should use the ip aderess the nodes and vista should be at.

I have set everything here:

Update, i fixed the issue. I had to make a seperate art-net broadcasting network in the connect universe tab

The reason that you had to make a broadcast port could be in part because you had also used Lightkey. With Artnet Unicast you would have created a direct connection between Lightkey and the node. When you went to Vista the node was still looking for Lightkey and not allowing Vista to connect. This is one of the reasons why I dislike Artnet Unicast in particular, any changes in the system will cause it all to fall apart.

With sACN you ignore any Artnet Unicast issues or direct connections you see in the connect universes window.