Art-Net/sACN ip address

Sometimes Vista does not display artnet nodes found on the network. In this case, I just add the broadcast universe and assign the internal Vista universe to it. It would be very convenient in this case to specify the ip address of the artnet node, switching the operation mode to unicast. Thanks.

This is a complex issue based on a number of things. I can tell you that there is a bug in the current build with Artnet Unicast devices not showing up. That will be fixed for an incremental update shortly.

Depending on the device and which version of Artnet it is using, you may still run into the issue. Currently Vista is not supporting Artnet 4 in its entirety which used port binding. Artnet 4 support is something on the list for future major update.

Personally I recommend using sACN when ever possible and avoiding the entire Unicast/Broadcast issue. It is also a much lighter protocol on the network which can help if it is a network of mixed traffic.