sACN node lagging

Hello people,

I’ve got some troubles with sACN from vista to my SGM A4 node (its running in sACN mode as well).

The problem is that when using the node my movingheads and all of my lights are lagging when doing position effects or color effects etc. They are lagging to the point of that they are not usable.

I’ve now directly plugged my universes that had movers on them in the analoge ports of the Vista ev and that works great for now. But I do need to have this fixed since I have an up comming show that requiers 4 of these nodes to just work together :slight_smile:

Does anyone of you guys have a solution or a little help in trouble shooting this?

(Console that is being used is an Chroma-Q Vista ev running of an intel nuc in a tour package)

HI Mick,
The first thing I would recommend is trying this version of Vista:

Let me know how you get on.