Weird issue with Vista not outputting sACN unless I open up sACNView first

We have a vista 3 R4 (1679) on Windows system that for some reason stopped outputting sACN after a power loss. Everything looks to be working properly, fixtures are showing intensity in the fixture chooser, DMX views appear to be rendering properly, sACN and network settings appear to be okay. But when I logged into our CueServer, sure enough there’s no sACN being send out onto the network.

Here’s where it gets weird. To diagnose the issue, I downloaded sACNView (a tool that I use frequently) to see what data is being broadcasted onto the network. Sure enough it sees data from the CueServer (which I was expecting as it was still working) as well as the Vista system (which I was not expecting). Sure enough the lights were now working. Even after closing sACNView, vista continues to work.

However, after you reboot the computer, it stops working again. So it appears that you need to open sACNView to “re-enable”, somehow, the output from Vista onto the network.

I already tried reinstalling Vista and that did not seem to work. The firewall has been disabled. Ideally I wouldn’t have to reinstall Windows, I don’t have a huge amount of time this week to do that, but I can if that’s what necessary.

Can you please try this version?
Updates were made in R4.1 to the sACN spec to better respect the network adaptor.